Smart Avatars

The smart avatar is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes cognitive computing and natural language processing to answer questions. Our smart avatars can be powered by IBM Watson and your institutional knowledge to answer FAQs for your users 24/7.

The avatars have been specifically engineered for business applications, healthcare, education, and many industries that want to share information with customers, employees, learners, families, and healthcare providers.

Applications for Use:

  • A virtual campus concierge
  • A virtual hotel concierge
  • A virtual campus career counselor
  • A virtual convention center concierge
  • A virtual safety instructor
  • A virtual customer service agent
  • A virtual medical assistant
  • A virtual librarian

Avatar Characteristics:

  • Explore content via virtual libraries and visual elements
  • Navigate the world and interact with others via avatar
  • Integrate into gaming environments for learning
  • Consult with a smart avatar for FAQs
  • Attend training session in a virtual environment
  • Access information virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Accessible to your customers as your website concierge
  • Collaborate in real-time via chat and VoIP

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