Medical Simulation has been an important part of medical training for centuries. Partial task simulators and human patient simulators (mannequins) can mimic many biological responses from dilated pupils to changes in pulse.

The Simulocity team understands the value of simulation. We specialize in various types of simulation and training, from virtual reality to interactive virtual medical training, to fit your enterprise.

Some of the Simulation Training solutions that we've provided for clients include:

  • Simulation Training & Virtual Reality Campus for a university
  • Medical Simulation Training Program for a Healthcare Network
  • Centralization national portal, combining thousands of disparate training resources into one location
  • Serious medical games to supplement existing training
  • Enhance the learning and customer experience via interactions via smart avatars (natural language)

Simulation Solutions

  • Turnkey Simulation Center
  • Curriculum Development
  • Gamification for Training
  • Consult with a smart avatar for FAQs
  • Program Management
  • Simulation Hardware Procurement
  • Virtual Worlds for Training
  • Simulation Portal Development
  • Project Review and Recovery
  • Business Intelligence
  • Professional Simulation Staffing