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SIM-EXPO is an immersive and virtual-reality inspired platform, tailored to any company or trade-show organization. From a low-bandwidth touchscreen experience with a luxury feel to a world-class virtual exhibit hall experience that makes attendees feel like they are “virtually there”. SIM-EXPO delivers a world-class collaborative experience that can be accessed from any internet-connected PC, Mac or mobile device. It’s the next generation of trade-show experience with a compelling ability to reach a far broader audience to complement your live events.

SIM-EXPO is an experience far beyond a website, presentation, or a conference call. It creates interactive conversations with attendees, sponsors, partners, learners and consumers, all within a virtual-reality feel, custom branded to your organization, and without the need of using a headset.

The Virtual Trade Show Platform

Imagine augmenting your major conferences with a paralleled virtual event. SIM-EXPO enables trade show organizations to capture added revenue and increase access to the vast number of potential attendees that are unable to come to your conference event. SIM-EXPO can be a powerful revenue-generating platform for your organization to draw paying sponsors and attendees, along with many powerful features like virtual exhibitor booths, live events, On-Demand recorded sessions, social media, bookstore, media center, and much more.


  • • Immersive & Interactive Virtual Booths
  • • Multimedia & Content-Rich Zones
  • • Live Webinars & Pre-recorded Sessions
  • • Embeddable Event Apps or Links
  • • Easy API integration with your CRM


  • • Coincides with Face to Face Events
  • • Unlimited Revenue-Generating Potential
  • • Available online for 12 months (post-event)
  • • Robust reporting, lead generation, and analytics
  • • Archive options available

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See the benefits of SIM-EXPO for our Partners, Exhibitors & Attendees

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