Corporate Video Centers

Simulocity’s Corporate Video Center is a cloud-based media solution to provide informational, educational, or promotional videos to your organization. It integrates our Enterprise Search solution so users can find content easily and view it on demand. The Corporate Video Center’s sharing features allow users to save favorites and share them with colleagues.

Simulocity’s cloud-based Video Center solution provides an interactive and engaging digital experience using the latest industry technology. Simulocity can configure the Video Center solution with broadcast-type quality to provide on-demand videos.

Corporate Video Center Features:

  • Custom branding
  • Social media distribution
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced analytics
  • Quality shutter free delivery
  • Intelligent avatar infused videos
  • On-demand-tagged videos
  • Integrates into corporate portal
  • Customization support that includes API
  • Virtual reality ready

The Simulocity team has extensive experience setting up Video Centers for clients with various technical requirements.

Our innovative Corporate Video Center is a customer favorite! It can easily integrate with our advanced portals, serious games for training, and virtual worlds for business. Videos have search and tagging capability, along with categories such as on-demand, favorites, and a rating system. We have experience in infusing thousands of organizational and external videos in our Corporate Video Center and even retrieve by our Virtual Concierge (smart avatar). Our video center increases access to best practices, corporate announcements, training courses, and much more.

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